Pleased to be able to share the 9th edition of Financial Accounting: An Introduction, published by Pearson. The book continues to be an introductory accounting text but in this updated edition we emphasise to students from the outset that financial accounting is embedded within a wider social context. We contextualise accounting within the broader setting of corporate reports but also demonstrate to students the important role that financial accounting plays in relation to wider societal issues, particularly sustainability and climate change.

We aim to teach students to recognise that financial accounting information impacts society and is used to evaluate the impact we have on society and the environment. This is demonstrated in particular by first-person commentary throughout the textbook from a professional fund manager in conversation with an audit manager. Our two characters journey from being initially concerned with financial accounting as it is embedded within the audited financial statements and annual report towards recognising the interconnected nature of financial accounting, corporate reporting and sustainability, with a focus on the development of international sustainability reporting standards.

Thank you to Professor Weetman for the invitation to work on this. It is a textbook that was fundamental to the beginning of my journey through accounting education many years ago so it was a privilege to make a small contribution to it. Thank you also to Richard Townrow and his team at Pearson for their support throughout this process.

Financial and Management Accounting: An Introduction has also been updated with a 9th edition.

Financial Accounting: An Introduction

Financial and Management Accounting: An Introduction